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The purpose of the Web site is to provide information concerning the AFNOR Group, and in particular to provide a directory of certification of persons issued by AFNOR Certification. The "AFNOR Group" is made up of AFNOR (French Standards Organisation), and a number of organisations attached to it, over which it has actual, direct or indirect control, referred to herein as the AFNOR Group entities.

The directory is intended to offer Internet users a reliable database of ICA certified auditors, thereby enabling more effective communication of auditors’ skills certification. Publication on this Web site of informations regarding the various involved actors participates in the deployment policy of this certificationis part of the certification implementation policy.

As the owner of the Web site, the AFNOR Group does everything possible at all times to ensure that the information contained in this Web site is accurate.

All access, browsing and/or use of this Web site implies acknowledgement by users that they have read and accepted the present provisions.


› Directory of certified persons

Pursuant to current legislation concerning the protection of intellectual property and databases, this list, which is provided for information only, belongs exclusively to the AFNOR Group. Consequently, any person connected to the Internet who is issued a password and consults the database of bodies certified by the AFNOR Group, expressly acknowledges beforehand that (s)he is aware of the fact that he/she undertakes not to use the list of ICA certified auditors either directly or indirectly for commercial purposes, without the express prior agreement of AFNOR Certification.

The AFNOR Group reserves the right to modify or correct the content of the documents published on this Web site at any time, and without notice. It disclaims all responsibility for any inaccuracies or omissions in the information available on the Web site, and more generally for any direct or indirect damage, regardless of its cause, origin, nature or consequences, resulting from access to, or the inability to access the Web site by any person, or from use of the site and/or from the credibility given to any information provided directly or indirectly by the Web site.

It is strictly forbidden to copy or sell by any means whatsoever, including by electronic means, all or part of the personal information contained in the directory or in its electronic form on the Web site, for the purpose of creating lists and/or computer files and/ or services on Web sites that infringe the French Data Protection Act.

› Editorial content of the Web site

In addition, unless otherwise stated, all reproduction rights are reserved both for the design and for the content of the Web site, in particular for all texts, pictures, sounds, icons, photos, maps, logos, trademarks, videos and downloadable documents. These cannot be wholly or partly reproduced on any media whatsoever without the prior authorisation of AFNOR.

The documents contained on this Web site as well as all of the elements created for the Web site are the property of AFNOR, its subsidiaries and affiliated entities, and are subject to the laws protecting copyright from the time that they are made available to the public on this Web server. The documents contained on this site can only be copied for information purposes, and only for strictly private use. Regarding intellectual property rights, no licence or any rights other than the right to consult the Web site, are granted to any person. The documents contained on the Web site may be reproduced for private and personal, information purposes only. Any reproduction or use of copies made for other purposes is expressly prohibited.

Unless otherwise stated, the corporate names, logos, products and trademarks mentioned on this Web site are the property of AFNOR. Mention of these trademarks does not in any way confer a licence or right to use them, and therefore they cannot be used without the prior written consent of AFNOR.


› Use by the AFNOR Group of external information on its Web site

Express prior written authorisation in paper or electronic format has been received for all links included on this site, and for all use of logos belonging to third parties and of editorial information taken from the written press or from other Web sites.

The AFNOR Group does not in any way guarantee the accuracy or exhaustiveness of the information made available on this Web site, including all of the hyperlinks and all other electronic links used, directly or indirectly, on its Web site.

› Use by external Web sites of information from the Web site

The prior authorisation of the AFNOR Group is required for hypertext links to its Web site from any other Web site. Requests for any such authorisation must be sent by email to: Authorisation will only be granted to Web sites offering content that is related to that of the AFNOR Group's Web site.

In this case, the owner of the Web site that uses the editorial information contained on the Group AFNOR Web site is required to create a contextual hypertext link from the reference to the source ("Source: AFNOR Group") on the page concerned on its Web site to our Web site:, in particular so that users can check the information quoted from the AFNOR Group Web site is up-to-date.


Users are informed that when they access the Web site information may be temporarily stored on their computer's memory or hard drive in order to optimise browsing on the Web site. Users acknowledge that they have been informed of this, and authorise AFNOR Certification to send them cookies. However, users can configure their Web browsers to block these cookies.


A declaration has been made to the French national data protection agency (CNIL) under the reference 031824 regarding the processing of the personal data collected on the Web site

All persons mentioned on the Web site can exercise their right to access, modify, correct or delete the information concerning them by writing to: AFNOR Certification, Pôle base de données clients, 11 rue Francis de Pressensé, F-93571 Saint-Denis La Plaine Cedex – France.

In addition, AFNOR collects personal data in particular by means of forms, purchase orders and registration forms. The personal data that you provide is intended for internal and/or external use, or for promoting AFNOR's standardisation, certification, consulting/training and/or information activities.

Pursuant to the French Data Protection Act No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, you can access, correct, delete and oppose any transmission of your personal data by writing to: AFNOR Certification, Service Marketing / Responsable du système d'information, 11 rue Francis de Pressensé, F-93571 Saint-Denis La Plaine Cedex, France.


AFNOR Certification reserves the right to modify, suspend, restrict or temporarily interrupt access to all or part of the Web site without notice, including its content and functions, and the times at which it is available.